Thoughts on Freedom

I write this on July 4th; a day that millions of Americans ponder the so-called freedom they have in the United States. It pains me to think that most citizens in this country are ignorant of the meaning of freedom and its implications.

Freedom is not something that simply makes individuals feel good. It’s the only way a society can flourish. Freedom allows individuals to act on their talents and proclivities (within limits of just law) without concerning those activities with anyone else, but acting on them to accomplish their desired goal.

This independent action births innovation on a scale no group or committee could ever achieve.

Freedom is not simply a good ideal to make everyone happy, but rather it is the standard for human existence. Government is there to protect, but not to tell us what we can and can’t do, save for infringing on someone else’s natural rights.



Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.
Benjamin, John, and Thomas working through their ideas.