Always Bring a Book.

I bring a book everywhere I go. I never leave my house without a book. It sometimes gets obsessive to the point where I’m leaving to run a quick errand, that I know will take half an hour, or less, with no intended idle time, but I still take a book.

I bring the book just in case something happens and I’m stuck somewhere with nothing to do for any length of time. Like all the times you had a meeting with a friend or a colleague somewhere while you were already out and about, but you got to your meeting spot ten minutes early. My book will fill that time.

I am not a speedy reader by any means and sometimes I miss a reading opportunity because I can be lazy (human), but I try to read in as many of those times as possible. I do this because I love to read, I love the written word, and I love learning from those who were willing to put their thoughts on paper.